Outer Courts Registration + Deposit


Together, we’re taking a 6 month journey towards the frontiers of faith formation in today’s world – a digitally connected, socially integrated, media engaged world. We’ll explore, experiment with, and execute innovations in digitally-enabled ministry. We’ll share and learn tools, ideas, and strategy to keep our church doors open 24/7 via creative online engagement with our communities of faith. This experience is a combination of individualizes coaching, dynamic training, action research, and shared learning environments. What you’ll gain can’t be found in a book or found online. This will be transformative, innovative, and actionable. Join us!


This initial cost is a deposit that will go toward the total $600 participation cost. If you have further questions or would like to talk over the phone before registering, email or call the Outer Courts Facilitator, Jared Rendell.

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