eCourse | Getting Started in Digitally Engaged Ministry


Most often in conversations with church leaders we hear, “We don’t know where to start.” Simply put, this is the answer, here is where you start. This 6 part course will take you through: the 3 main platforms churches need to focus on, how to see yourself and your ministry in a digital world, the basics of how to think digital in any area of ministry, and how digital engagement is an issue of faith formation more than information.

This 6 part eCourse will be delivered to your email inbox. Each session will contain a video, a download or link, a key question, and an assignment for the week. This straight-forward course will set you on a path toward deeper digital engagement with simple steps and foundational ideas. No matter how basic your starting point, you can do this.


This course is intentionally designed for those who might self-select as beginners in digital things. It includes 101 level information and basic steps, but also may be a good check in to make sure your faith community has a good digital base in place.

There is no face-to-face or online meeting with a coach in this course. It is all delivered by email, and is self-paced, so you get to it as soon as you can each week.

You’ll receive a welcome email shortly after completing your purchase which will also contain your first session, so you can get started right away. The next sessions will be delivered weekly, starting the following Monday, for the next 5 weeks.

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