Vibrant Faith is working with with 1160 Ministry Leaders from 1050 Congregations from 18 denominations of Christian Churches

Its the change of an era, and an era of change. Navigating the shift in paradigms is going to take adaptive leadership and an experienced guide.

Your commitment lasts two years. Your learning lasts a lifetime. Your impact lasts through the generations.

The next cohorts start January 11

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Loving Parents

I have been a parish pastor and worked with congregations as a coach and trainer for over 30 years. One thing I have noticed over the years is that it is easy for those of us who are congregational leaders to get upset with parents for "not doing their job." Years...

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More Than You Know……

The first year after my husband and I got married, both sets of our parents divorced. Both. It was hard, really hard.  And it got very messy, because we weren’t children, so there was no need to protect us from what was going on between them. (As if children don’t see...

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Teaching with Stories of Hope

Originally posted on the Faith Formation Learning Exchange blog. Movies capture the spirit of hope in strikingly clear fashion. Have you ever had the experience of watching a movie and knowing the outcome will be good, but in the midst of an action scene you wonder...

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