There is hope for the world.

 And hope for the church. Our name is our mission, vibrant faith in Jesus Christ. In the midst of the  ever-changing landscape of 21st century faith formation, you’re not alone.

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Its the change of an era, and an era of change. Navigating the shift in paradigms is going to take adaptive leadership and an experienced guide.

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Failure, Learning & Engaging

Originally published on the Faith Formation Learning Exchange blog.  We cannot learn from only succeeding and as JK Rowling said, “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all - in...

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It’s the Parents Fault

"If you were just a better parent, then...(fill in the blank); If we could just get the parents involved; If the parents would just quit dropping their kids off at church and going to Starbucks; If parents would just do more then their children would turn out better."...

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Downton Abbey and Kids Sports

A speaker I heard recently encouraged us to take note of what is popular in the culture because somehow, somewhere in that thing that everyone is talking about or doing or watching lies an unanswered desire of our hearts.   It makes you start wondering about...

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25 Simple Tips to Help a Marriage

Originally posted on the Faith Formation Learning Exchange blog. Marriage, family, faith formation at home… there is simply a mountain of evidence that tells us why we should be putting more effort into this arena of ministry. A key reason why families are so...

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Why write when you can refer?

I spoke to a pastor recently who said that he had quit writing daily devotions to send to members of his congregation. At first, I thought he was disillusioned by the response he was getting but I was wrong. He stated that he had come across several terrific...

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