Vibrant Faith is working with with 1160 Ministry Leaders from 1050 Congregations from 18 denominations of Christian Churches

Its the change of an era, and an era of change. Navigating the shift in paradigms is going to take adaptive leadership and an experienced guide.

Your commitment lasts two years. Your learning lasts a lifetime. Your impact lasts through the generations.

The next cohorts start January 11

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No Answers

I have many memories over my many years of doing youth ministry of times when I was overwhelmed with God's presence in the midst of the brokenness and tragedy of this world. One experience had a profound influence on me. I got a call that the father of one of our...

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How to Navigate the “Messy Middle”

I love change. Get this, I even love to move. The actual physical process of moving itself. I know, pretty crazy, right?  Of course, I get overwhelmed at some point in the middle too, but I love the pure change of picking up myself and my stuff and bringing it to a...

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A Church that Gets It

Last fall I met seven year-old Alex at Sacred Heart Church in Sauk Rapids, MN. I was a guest at their monthly all-church intergenerational faith formation gathering. They always begin with a meal. After going through the buffet line, I looked around for a place to...

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The Facts of Life

Did you or your kids watch "The Facts of Life" TV show? It was a show about a group of teenage girls at a boarding school who learn many of life's lessons and go through adolescent struggles under the guidance of their loving housemother "Mrs. G." While it was a...

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