Paradigms are shifting.

The old is gone, the new keeps coming. We’re generating adaptive change in faith formation with curious Christian leaders and their communities. How do we do that? Where do we go from here?

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Grieving the loss of church as we knew it

Like you we are stunned at how quickly and profoundly our world has changed, and how many of those changes have upended so much of "what works" for the formation of faith. We too are grieving that the formational systems that churches put in place for the last 100...

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Catching UP to God

What if you used 2017 to clear away what distracts you from helping people of all ages to be formed by the Spirit of God? You see, as ministry leaders we often run as frantically as our people to try to keep up--especially in a time of great change, like what we...

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This Year, Why Not Lay It Down?

New Year's confession: I am a fixer. For anyone who knows me well, I am just stating the obvious, no real confession needed. Drives my family NUTS. JUST NUTS. And over the years, I have seen that many other people who are drawn to ministry are fixers too. You too? A...

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What is the Change You Seek?

One of the most powerful stories in the Bible is when Jesus encounters a blind beggar through the crowd. The beggar was seeking much needed change, to receive his sight. I'm intrigued at how Jesus asks him a very simple question, "What do you want me to do for you?"...

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Do You Welcome Resistance to Change?

Someone once said that the way you know you are doing something right is when you make someone mad. Well, you probably aren’t a leader in ministry just so you can make people mad, but there is some truth to this statement. Resistance when you change something as a...

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