Paradigms are shifting.

The old is gone, the new keeps coming. We’re generating adaptive change in faith formation with curious Christian leaders and their communities. How do we do that? Where do we go from here?

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Five BIG Questions You Will Want to Answer

  FAMILYING:  The relational processes the Spirit uses to form faith. At Vibrant Faith, we are desperately aware that both of the institutions in our society that have historically functioned as the greenhouses for the nurture of faith—the church and the home -...

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Week Five :: Familying TRUTH

It is time for some truth. Here’s the tough reality: neither our churches nor our world is currently set up to family. That’s the hard position from which we at Vibrant Faith are sending out this urgent call to re-focus on this central task of Christian life. We are...

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Five from Moses for a New World

There they were — reportedly there were millions of them, camped on the edge of the promised land.  Moses knew he wasn’t going with them.  Moses also knew that there was so much that they likely didn’t understand about the land and the very different shape their lives...

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