There is hope for the world.

 And hope for the church. Our name is our mission, vibrant faith in Jesus Christ. In the midst of the  ever-changing landscape of 21st century faith formation, you’re not alone.

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Its the change of an era, and an era of change. Navigating the shift in paradigms is going to take adaptive leadership and an experienced guide.

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How I started working at Vibrant Faith

I’m learning something in life, over and over again. I’m learning that a lot of the best things happen when you’re not looking for them. Maybe you’ve heard this from people before. Maybe it was in the context of a job, a home, or a relationship. It’s a classic: they...

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3 Things to NOT Try at Home

We’ve all seen it: the magician or scientist who is about to do something risky says, “Don’t try this at home. It’s not safe!” I don’t know about you, but as an adventurous young boy who had three brothers, this statement made me want to try it even more. This may...

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