Vibrant Faith is working with with 1160 Ministry Leaders from 1050 Congregations from 18 denominations of Christian Churches

Its the change of an era, and an era of change. Navigating the shift in paradigms is going to take adaptive leadership and an experienced guide.

Your commitment lasts two years. Your learning lasts a lifetime. Your impact lasts through the generations.

The next cohorts start January 11

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Research is for Everyone

"Leadership in the past meant coming up with solutions. Today it is learning how to ask questions that we have been too scared, too busy, or too proud to ask."  Tod Bolsinger, Canoeing the Mountains That sentence powerfully describes why Vibrant Faith has now embedded...

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Visual Faith Research Dive

Ever feel like the many many activities of your ministry just aren’t having much impact on the spiritual lives of the people you are serving?  We’re very excited about what we are learning in our Visual Faith project about Scripture and spiritual transformation....

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Visual Faith: A Video Introduction

We are wired for imagery. Exploring Scripture through the use of images creates a connection in our biology and our souls that allows us to experience God’s Word in new and transformative ways. Watch this video for an introduction to the project from our executive...

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The Power of Visual Faith

Here's the problem: Our people aren't reading the Bible. Our people are confused by the Bible. It is simply very difficult to live a vibrant faith in Jesus Christ when we can't engage the primary source of the story and ongoing power of our Christian faith. And part...

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Do you have any friends or family like this? They believe in God and Jesus. They talk about faith and prayer, but just aren't going to church any more. They used to go, but they just don't now, and they aren't sending their children to church programming either. They...

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