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Fundamentals in Digitally Engaged Ministry is designed to help your faith community join a digitally connected world while being able to focus on what’s most important – forming faith, building community, and following the call of Christ. You can do this while maximizing precious energy and resources, and without starting another new thing. You have what it takes. You just need a partner, a process, and a plan. That’s what we’re here for.


3 Primary Platforms for Every Digitally-Engaged Church

While we explore the how’s to forming faith in digital space, we’ll spend time focusing on the platforms that matter most to every church these days.

  • Website – Your website is your digital front door, whether you’re a big city megachurch or a rural multi-point parish, people find their way to your website before most anything else these days. We’ll talk about the pages every good website needs, basic design standards, and make sure you’ve got the people in place to make your website what it needs to be
  • Email – People often find their information, and inspiration, via an inbox. When we integrate good email strategy with other platforms, we take big steps toward integrated, engaging digital presence.
  • Facebook – For a number of reasons (which we’ll cover) Facebook is the highest opportunity social media platform for most churches today, so we’ll make sure you’ve got a sound plan to start small, then expand your engagement on Facebook, what resources and time that takes, and how to think social in every area of ministry.

4 Movements for Creating Vibrant Faith in a Connected World: We’ll work to develop understanding around 4 transformational movements in thinking about digital engagement:

  1. Digital is a matter of faith formation, not just a matter of information. Digital is ministry, not just marketing.
  2. Digital is space to be entered, not a tool to be used
  3. Digital is everyone’s job, not just a job for an intern OR a tech pro, and you have what it takes.
  4. Digital is integrated, not a stand-alone ministry

Digitally Engaged Ministry Starter Plan– This is the primary guiding document that we’ll develop together during the vibrantfaith/digital process and will be your key document moving forward. It is a regularly-used, often-updated, ever-relevant framework for thinking and executing ministry in a digital world. It contains 5 sections: Purpose, People, Platforms, Plan, and Post-Op. [Sample coming soon.]

Digital Strategy Team – One of our first steps will be to work together to create a team, consisting of multiple perspectives, skills sets, and generations, to guide the process during the coaching contract and continue it afterward.

Digital Presence Checkup – We’ll go through a quick assessment process together using a framework focused on the who and how you connect online, and how that interacts with your face-to-face ministry.


LENGTH: 6 Months

GATHERINGSMonthly, with projects and assignments in between sessions, and email/text access to your coach for small questions throughout the process. An onsite visit is optional as an add-on and can include one-on-one coaching plus other church/team training and coaching opportunities. (The travel and lodging cost are additional.)

PROCESSOver the course of the year, we’ll go through a 4 phase process: Discover, Discern, Design, and Do. We’ll discuss this process and why it matters during our first session. The first three steps include: an initial phone conversation with your coach, creating a digital strategy team, and starting your digital presence checkup (details above).

COST: $1800 (without an onsite visit) or $2400 (with an onsite visit, travel costs are extra)

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