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Why we believe in coaching

Vibrant Faith Coaching

JIM LADOUX  ·  Partner for Coaching

We have a team of coaches each with a unique lens and focus area, yet all aligned on the purposes and processes involved in an effective coaching experience.


How we think about coaching

Vibrant Faith’s coaching process begins with deep listening, with you discerning what God is up to in the lives and ministries of your congregation.
We identify what’s working and build on the bright spots.
We assist you with reviewing what’s not working, We help you rethink your assumptions, priorities and practices.
We work with you and your leaders to reimagine new ways for living into God’s future for you and your church.
We are strengths-based, recognizing and building upon the assets and strengths of the individuals and congregations we coach.
We are strategic, helping leaders focus their efforts around their strengths and passions, and what matters most.
We are Spirit-driven, steeped in prayerful thought and action, actively seeking to discern God’s intentions.
We are systems-oriented, focused on creating synergy among assets, actions, people and programs.

Here's what we'll do together

CONNECT to build trust and community.
IDENTIFY what you are doing that matters most for the formation of faith.
ALIGN your assets, actions, & conversations.
NAVIGATE by creating a path forward together.
GUIDE people toward a vibrant faith in Jesus Christ.
EVALUATE to see where the Spirit is working, and do more of that.

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