Joining the journey of Christian leaders toward a culture of spiritual vitality

You know where you need to go. Yet, the path to real transformation is filled with obstacles.

Coaching help leaders:

LEARN to live a vibrant faith and vibrant life. BE transformational leaders. CREATE habits that sustain long-term ministry success. DEVELOP road maps to guide their ministries. LIVE out their strengths, passions, and intentions. DO less while doing what really matters.


Coaching leads to faith community experiences that connect people, allowing them to “family” one another by creating a web of deep support.


Coaching helps you, the leader and in turn creates a culture of people living vibrant faith that disciples others.


Coaching leads to ministry that creates opportunity to bless others as people discover, develop and deploy their gifts and passions.


As coaching continues and new ideas are tested and applied, leaders are empowered by God to transform lives and community.

Why coaching?

We know it works.

Vibrant Faith partners with individuals to develop their leadership capacities, and with Christian faith communities to create a culture of spiritual vitality. We call forth new pathways and possibilities. We help develop road maps that harness energy and assets on the vital tasks that have the greatest capacity to effect transformational change.

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Is your church ready for coaching?

Download this free tool to see if your faith community is ready to move forward on the frontiers of faith formation with the help of a coaching relationship.

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