Recognizing that new technologies allow people to access information in many different ways, Vibrant Faith Ministries has developed a series of free and/or fee-based webinars for convenient access from your home or office.

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You Get a Second Chance!

Order the Recordings of our February Online Conference

Order Now Order NowVibrant Faith Ministries is offering encore presentations of the workshops from our successful February Online Conference as recordings.

  • The POWER of the Extended Family
  • Faith Meets Life's Challenges
  • New Milestones Ministry Resources
  • Ten Tips for Using Worship to Teach Household Faith Practices
  • Connecting Church and Home through Online Faith Formation
  • Families & the Bible: Empowering Use of the Bible at Home During Lent
  • Vibrant Faith Resources in Congregations and in Homes

While these workshops won't be "live," you will have access to the full presentations as well as all of the questions the attendees asked. Plus, you'll be able to listen to them at your convenience until April 30th. All you need to participate is a computer and a comfortable chair!

The price for all seven workshops is $74.95. At only $10 per workshop, this is an affordable opportunity to enhance your ministry skills and a great way to share knowledge with your staff!

Conference recordings are available through April 30th, 2014.

Workshop Descriptions

Nancy Going, The POWER of the Extended Family

As much as the church has come to understand the role of family in faith, parents are only one part of the story. Let the extended family provide you with a compelling model for congregational life together AND faith transmission. We’ll explore newly published research outlining the relationships between families, congregations, and culture toward in creating a “momentum” of faith transmission from one generation to the next. You’ll help your congregation take the next steps by re-discovering the biblical OIKOS.

John Roberto, Connecting Church and Home through Online Faith Formation

How can you help individuals and families weave faith into everyday life? One great strategy is to extend the impact of people's participation in church-based faith formation experiences - worship, learning, serving, and more - with online faith formation activities, practices, and resources that extend their learning and deepen their faith. Discover strategies and examples for how to offer online faith formation that people can access anytime, anywhere. Learn about those that are reaching people of all ages through by connecting church and home with online faith formation.

David Anderson, New Milestones Ministry Resources for Home and Congregation

VFM has made major revisions to 18 of its original Milestones for children and youth and is rolling out a dozen new Milestone events for adults in 2014. This webinar will reveal how the new Milestones Ministry design will bless the "familying" going on in our homes and congregations. Special attention will be given to using these VFM Milestones for outreach into the larger community served by the congregation.

Leif Kehrwald, Faith Meets Life's Challenges

Explore the new Vibrant Faith @ Home activities that are purposefully design to help people/families journey through some of their serious struggles. For example, we've recently published Taming Temper Tantrums (Young Family), The Pressure to Succeed (Teen Family), Faith & Depression (Adult/Couple), and more. Hear creative and effective ways to use these activities in your pastoral ministry with parents, teens, and families.

Leif Kehrwald, Families & the Bible: Empowering use of the Bible at Home During Lent
We will explore fun, creative ideas that will: enable families to break open the Word together; increase Biblical navigation skills; awaken or affirm their desire to make Scripture a part of daily life; remove fear or apprehension about understanding Scripture; and celebrate the beauty, power, and gift of scripture in living a life of faith.

Jim LaDoux, Ten Tips for Using Worship to Teach Household Faith Practices

Worship experiences provide a wealth of opportunities to teach and model faith practices that can be replicated in household settings. Participants will gain insights into how practices related to caring conversations, prayer practices, scripture readings and acts of service can be introduced and modeled throughout the entire worship experience, and how the worship experience can be extended into family settings throughout the week.

Patty Matthews and Anna Rendell, Vibrant Faith Resources in Congregations and in Homes

We will look at Vibrant Faith resources and showcase fun and creative ways to use them both congregationally and within the home! Families need to see the resources used in their churches as a model, so that they will feel comfortable integrating them at home. Therefore, we will look at the two ways each VFM resource may be used so church staff will feel equipped, and so will your families!

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