Vibrant Faith Ministries' Grants

Making Transformation Possible!

Jesus transforms us everyday. And, our mission at Vibrant Faith Ministries is grounded in what Jesus does!

Vibrant Faith Ministries offers VIBRANT FAITH GRANTS for congregations and ministries committed to transforming their ministries and nurturing a culture founded on the vibrant faith principles. Thanks to a very generous donor, we have grant funds available for congregations and ministries where the potential for transformation exists.


The benefits of a Vibrant Faith Ministries' grant include:

  • Complete access to the resources, experience and wisdom of Vibrant Faith Ministries' leaders
  • Help your staff and congregation learn and engage in new faith practices
  • Enrich/infuse your congregation with a vibrant faith that is authentic, available and affirming
  • Share your knowledge and receive the opportunity to "pay it forward" to other potentially transformational ministry settings

To Download Grant Materials:

For more information on the Vibrant Faith grants, please contact Dr. Paul Hill at