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Taking Faith home

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For less than $1.00 per week, you can help your congregation build a more solid faith foundation with our Taking Faith Home lectionary-based bulletin inserts.

With this amazing resource, individuals and families can nurture their faith all week long! Each bulletin insert contains a variety of faith-building activities, allowing you to pick and choose what works for you. Taking Faith Home bulletin inserts are perfect for homes as well as all types of congregational settings, including:

  • Staff Meetings
  • Church Council
  • Team Gatherings
  • Home Visits
  • Children’s Sermons
  • Christian Education Opportunities

Originally written by Pastor Greg Priebbenow and Vibrant Faith Ministries, the inserts come in an easy-to-read format with updated language that members of all ages and stages can relate to. Special editions focusing on church holidays also are available, inviting people to move their celebrations beyond church walls and into their homes.

Getting started couldn’t be easier! The bulletin inserts arrive on a CD or you can order them as a download. They are professionally designed and print-ready.

Our Taking Faith Home bulletin inserts offer something for everyone!

$49.95 per year for each lectionary year

Receive pro-rated pricing as the year progresses.

Order online or call 877-239-2492.

For more information or questions, email pmatthews@vibrantfaith.org.

What others are saying about TAKING FAITH HOME . . .

“I wanted to share how St. Peter Lutheran in Dubuque, Iowa is using the Taking Faith Home inserts. We added a bit of a twist to it. We give out the inserts one month ahead to members of groups within our congregation. We ask them to preview them and choose one Bible passage, prayer or service idea that they find meaningful, and that they would like to either try or highlight for the rest of the congregation. We circle their choice, put their name beside it, and write that it was their ‘Pick of the Week.’

In September and with Sunday school starting up again, we have some of our Sunday school teachers giving their ‘pick.’ When we are preparing for a Milestone, we have families involved with that Milestone decide on one idea. We have found that it keeps the interest going for the inserts.”

Miriam Bjornstad
St Peter Lutheran,
Dubuque, Iowa

“I just wanted you to know how much my small congregation has enjoyed having the Taking Faith Home inserts for our bulletin. We are an inner city ministry where most of our congregation comes to us from a federal housing project across the street. Most of the families we serve are single mothers with children who live below the poverty level for the U.S. Several of the mothers have thanked me for the inserts. They are finding help in leading their children in a daily devotional life.”

United Methodist Church
Nashville, Tennessee

“This resource is an incredible boost to our Christian Education ministry, our newly formed Passing on Faith Task Force, and to the goals we have at our church. What you are doing is exactly where I am seeing a need – providing a tool to help families practice the Four Keys and Five Principles.”

Lutheran Church
Chapin, South Carolina

“I’ve been using your Taking Faith Home inserts for the last couple of months and my congregation loves them. Their use of them was confirmed for me when I went ‘off-lectionary’ and didn’t include the Taking Faith Home insert. A number of people commented on missing the ‘little pink inserts.’”

Lutheran Church
Porterville, California

Thoughts on introducing Taking Faith Home to your congregation from Marilyn Sharpe

Here are some ways that I would introduce it to the congregation:

  • On the first Sunday it is in your bulletin, have the pastor pull it out and announce its presence, tell why your congregation is choosing to subscribe, and describe what you’d like your congregational family to do with it all week, linking Sunday to the rest of the week, braiding faith into everyday life. Maybe read Deut. 6:4-7 and introduce Taking Faith Home as one way to live that.
  • On Sunday, in worship, during announcements (or, if it works to weave it into a sermon), have the pastor hold it up, invite members of the congregation to pull it out, hold it up and put it in a pocket, bag or purse. Then, challenge them to pull it out and use it with a family member, colleague or friend either Sunday or Monday and report back to the pastor about how they used it and how it went during the week.
  • Use those stories in your newsletter, announcements, or from the pulpit.
  • If your tradition is to share the peace, one Sunday (or, better yet, once a month or weekly for a while), have those worshipping with you pull it out and use one of the ideas for Caring Conversations to talk to one congregational “neighbor.”
  • Use the Taking Faith Home from the previous Sunday to do opening devotions and caring conversations at all of your congregational meetings and trainings. Light a candle on the table as your ritual, claiming Christ’s presence as the Light of the World. Your work at meetings and trainings will be service.